The Second Stage Turbine Blade is a series of comic books narrating the concept behind the lyrics of the Coheed and Cambria album of the same name.


Released in the summer of 2004, the comic books narrate the events of approximately the first third of Coheed and Cambria's concept album The Second Stage Turbine Blade. The story takes place in the distant past of the Milky Way. Heaven's Fence (or the Fence) is a group of 78 planetary systems connected by a visible energy beam known as the Keywork. Seven star transformers keep the Keywork operational. Three races, the Prise, humanity, and the Mages, occupy the Fence. The Mages rule over humankind, the Prise protect the Keywork, and the humans make up the general population of the Fence. Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan's rule has lasted for dozens of years and has descended into tyranny. A young female mage, named Mariah, has risen to power on Paris Earth (commonly believed to be our Earth) and represents a major threat to Ryan- she is gaining followers because she opposes Ryan's rule and demands justice.

One of Ryan's generals, Mayo Deftinwolf, creates a plan to rid the Fence of Mariah: Coheed Kilgannon is the unknowing and unwitting carrier of a dormant virus known as the Monstar. When activated, the Monstar endows its host with the ability to destroy star transformers and separate planets from the Keywork's unifying energy beam, resulting in an apocalypse for the inhabitants of the separated planets as they smash into other astronomical bodies. Mayo plans to activate the Monstar and send Coheed and his wife, Cambria, to Paris Earth, in hopes that the Monstar will only destroy the star transformer at Paris Earth, thus causing Paris Earth to break free of the Fence, ridding Wilhem of Mariah.

Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon are a married couple living in Sector 11: Valley Hills, Hetricus. They have four children: Matthew, Maria (not to be confused with Mariah), Josephine, and Claudio. Matthew and Maria are twins, appearing to be seven years old or younger. Josephine is almost 23 and Claudio is a junior in high school, so he should be around 17.


Volume 1 Edit

Issue 1 Edit

Amory Wars Release: 13th June 2007

The issue opens up with Jesse inside his lab, talking about the people he lost, ending with him destroying an IRO-Bot.

Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon live very average lives; having a good house, a steady job, and four loving children (from oldest to youngest: Josephine, Claudio, Matthew and Maria). Though at night, Coheed has nightmares that haunt him for the longest of time, detailing him of a life once lived.

One day while getting off work, and learning that his daughter Josie is getting marry, he is stopped by a man name Mayo Deftinwolf, who is the general of the Red Army, controlled by Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan. Mayo explains to Coheed that 42 years ago, he and his wife, along with his brother Jesse (aka Inferno) were apart of a group known as the KBI, Knowledge (Cambria), Beast (Coheed), and Inferno (Jesse). He told them that both Coheed and Cambria’s minds were erased, but only leaving Inferno’s untouched; this was because the Beast had a virus in him known as the “Monstar” that only the Knowledge can trigger, but Inferno being the only one who knew operate both.

Things then take a turn for the worst when Coheed is told that he passed the virus onto his children, only it mutated in him, causing his children to have the “Sinstar” virus. Though the Monstar virus was curable, Mayo told Coheed that the Sinstar was not, leaving only the options of Coheed killing his own children or the Red Army does it for him. Coheed is left with a briefcase as Mayo drives off.

During this time Josie is out with her husband to be, Patrick, on the edge of Jersey City. They are attacked by the “Jersey City Devils”, Patrick is beaten badly and Josie is raped.

Back home with Coheed, he finds out that Cambria knows about everything by seeing the conversation between Mayo and Coheed, thanks to her Knowledge powers. Though it’s hard for both to believe, they know that they cant let the Red Army take their children from them. They decide to go ahead and kill the children themselves and then kill their selves in the end.

At the House Atlantic, Wilhelm Ryan talks to Mayo and we find out that phase one of Mayo’s’ plan is completed, which was the death of the children. It seems that Ryan wants to destroy Sector 12, which involves the “Files”. Ryan tells him that he needs to make sure everything is right, and should he fail; the Priests will be there to take over.

At Star IV (4), The Prise wonders what they should do about the plan for Coheed and Cambria, the future for Sector 12, and most of all, the “Flies.”

At the end, we get the fallowing message: “And so a decision has been made, the wheels are put in motion, but what if they’re wrong?’

Issue 2 Edit

Amory Wars Release: July 2007

The Second Issue opens with the Jersey Devils riding off from the scene of the crime in old Jersey, leaving Josephine and Patrick in the aftermath. Sobbing and reliving the events in her mind, Josephine tells Patrick to take her home. Meanwhile, Claudio and Newo are out star-gazing with Apollo until Claudio realizes the time and that he is past curfew, prompting him to hurry Newo into the car to take him home.

Meanwhile, at the Kilgannon home, Coheed holds the now lifeless bodies of Mathew and Maria, the poison still affecting their skin with lesions. Downstairs, Josephine has arrived home and is vomiting in the sink as cambria senses Coheed's presence in the room. Coheed has picked up a hammer and Cambria realizes that he plans to use it to kill Josephine. Cambria protests, but through telepathic speech and seeing the pain the twins went through, she understands the reasoning behind Coheed's decision. Knowing what Coheed must do, Cambria distracts Josephine by telling her to keep looking forward. Simultaneaously, Patrick is outside worrying about getting blamed for what happened at the warehouse, and walks in just as Coheed brings the hammer down to the back of Josephine's head, killing her instantly. Patrick runs out of the house as Coheed and Cambria are consoling one another, Cambria predicting Coheed would not get the chance to spare his son from a fate dealt to him by the Ryan's men.

Elsewhere, on Dil-Ariuth IX, Sector 12, the prise are traversing the desert in environment modifying suits to see Mariah Antillarea. After proceeding past her guards, they encounter her as she is floating in the air, eyes glowing. She floats down to the ground, pulls on her robe and addresses the prise as Inferno is shown hiding behind her in the shadows.

Cut to The House Atlantic, where Wilhelm is addressing Mayo, who is at the Kilgannon's Home, about the loose ends of a living witness, Patrick, and more importantly, Coheed and Cambria's last living son, Claudio. Wilhelm reminds Mayo that Claudio's role has been predicted in The Book of Ghansgraad, and he is the number one threat to Wilhelm's plans and the continued existence of the keywork. Wilhelm orders Mayo to hurry Coheed and Cambria's transportation to Paris Earth, and that the loose ends will be taken care of by the Onstantine Priests. Wilhelm warns Mayo that time is tight and that the flies will not wait for anything. Mayo is informed that Coheed and Cambria are prepared for transport, and as he enters he asks where Claudio is, and after Coheed inquires about his son's fate, Cambria sees what they intend to do to Claudio if they catch them. After Coheed sees Cambria's reaction, he realizes the entire time he has been lied to about the motives for killing his family and what Wilhelm has planned for the Monstar Virus all along; not to remove it, but to use it for his own personal gain. After Mayo kills a soldier Coheed grabbed as a hostage, he goes on a rampage, killing a number of soldiers before being slowed by tranquilizer darts and eventually knocked out by a kick to the head dealt by Mayo. The commotion at the Kilgannon home has blocked traffic and created a traffic jam, which Claudio, New, and Apollo are stuck in. While Mayo's men are dousing the Kilgannon home in Flammable Liquid, two soldiers are vulgarly talking about the now deceased Josephine, while an Onstantine Priest drips from the Ceiling in liquid form behind them unnoticed, only to kill the soldiers by the syth-like protrusions the priet's hands have formed into.

Issue 3 Edit

Amory Wars Release: 29th August 2007

The Third Issue opens with Claudio outside the Kilgannon home with Newo. He kisses her goodnight and promises to phone her tomorrow, but is quickly shocked to discover the door to the house has been torn from its hinges. He rushes inside calling for his parents but slips on something on the floor. He sits up and has blood on his hands. He crawls on the floor and finds Josephine's corpse. Claudio holds her and tells her to wake up. Energy pulses from his hand and she comes to life. Josephine coughs and tells Claudio to help her. She tells him about the Devils and what happened to her and Patrick while an Onstantine Priest sneaks up behind them. The Priest charges Claudio and, quickly thinking, Claudio grabs the hammer that Coheed used to kill Josephine and smashes the priests head with it. But this was not enough to keep the Priest down as it stands back up, pulling the hammer from its head and backing Claudio up against the wall.

Claudio surprises himself by becoming invisible and intangible and passing straight through the wall behind him, and before he even gets a chance to marvel at his new found abilities, he has to run to escape the priest which smashes through the wall to find him.

Elsewhere, the Gloria Vel Vassa has docked in a nearby space-port by orders of General Deftinwolf, who is assured by Major Echert that Coheed and Cambria will make it to Paris: Earth without hassle as he has assigned two of the fleets finest at the helm: Captain Norris Henderson and Lieutenant Larry Goswell. Mayo reminds him that if the Kilgannons should awake during their flight, that their men must sacrifice their lives to keep them from taking over the vessel.

In a seedy dive near the space-port, a panicked Patrick meets with an old friend, Lars, seeking a gun for protection. Their small reunion is cut short when another Onstantine Priest shows up. Patrick and Lars stand up as the Onstantine Priest comes towards them, slicing off a bystander's head in the process. Patrick and Lars open fire on the priest. Lars tells Patrick to run and is then stabbed in the throat by the Priest and then starts chasing after Patrick, who barely manages to escape in his car.

Back on Dil-Ariuth IX, Sector 12, The Prise have come seeking Mariah’s help, but Mariah is quick to accuse the Prise of their previous failure to up-hold God’s Word and how history is likely to repeat itself (in reference to the Mage Wars). Paranoia, the leader of the Prise, feels Inferno’s presence and calls him out. Inferno, also quick to blame the Prise, stands defiant in front of a large hologram showing the souls of the dead trapped within the Keywork. Mariah attempts to calm him, but he continues, telling the Prise that man must stand for themselves, and that they are going to bring this war right onto the steps of the House Atlantic. Outside the door a monk is listening with the thought of "His master will not be pleased by this news."

Back home, Claudio, still invisible, watches Newo sleep. Wishing he could tell her of the strangest night of his life, he takes the picture on her bed side table and pulls her bed-covers over her, and leaves without saying goodbye, breaking both their hearts… to keep her safe.

Flashback to the birth of the K.B.I... Dr. Hohenberger prepares to install the Monstar into the Beast and ask of the status of the antidote. Dr. Iniad, who had spent her whole life working on it, brings out a beautiful baby girl who Hohenberger christens Josephine. Back at the Gloria Vel Vessa. Coheed's eyes snap open. "I remember," he says. "Husband and wife shared this dream--This memory. And they will have their revenge"

Issue 4 Edit

Amory Wars Release: 24th October, 2007

Comic 4 takes off where number 3 ended. Coheed wakes up in his tank. His eyes turn red and he starts to scream out of anger.

While the Red Army is chatting about what Coheed did to Josephine, Coheed smashes the glass to his chamber and breaks out, blades blazing. He grabs a soldier in one arm and winds up to cut off his head. The soldier begs Coheed to let him go, telling him he has children at home. Coheed replies that he had to kill his own children, but that didn't stop him. Cambria wakes up in her tank, her eyes turn red.

Cambria shatters her tube with her psychic powers and sprays glass at the nearby soldiers. Floating through the air, she implodes the soldiers' heads and throws them into the wall. Coheed, is standing over a soldier with a gun. The soldier is begging for mercy, saying he had to join the army to support his family.

Coheed asks the soldier for the keys to the cuffs that are on his wrists. Cambria uses her powers and removes the cuffs, and they fall to the floor. Coheed thanks her, and while they kiss, he shoots the man on the floor. They start to walk out of the room, Coheed asks his wife to get the door.

  • At The House Atlantic*

The narration tells of how Wilhelm Ryan won the war and that it allowed him to create the Onstantine Priests, and how his body is now deformed and he hides it under his robes. Ryan walks to the computer and smiles. "Ahhh... The First Born"

  • Dil-Aruth IX, Sector XII*

Inferno and Mariah are addressed by one of Inferno's soldiers. A monk in handcuffs is brought to Inferno. He was was taken prisoner because he was sending data to the Red Army. Inferno beats the shit out of the monk, who tells Inferno that he is too late.

Inferno has his foot on the monk's head. The monk says, "The end is coming. My master sends you a gift drenched in the blood of your brother" Inferno realizes that Wilhelm Ryan intends to use Coheed and the Monstar Virus to kill Mariah. Inferno smashes the monk's head and then orders his men to get all their transports ready. "Get the Grail Arbor ready for immediate take off. I'm going to stop that ship"

Coheed is staring at his arm. Cambria asks what is wrong and he replies that his arm hurts. He rolls up his sleeve, and he has gashes all over his right arm. He pulls off some skin and reveals some metal.

Coheed rips all the skin off of his arm and reveals a mechanical arm that starts to transform. Wires shoot out and into his neck.

Coheed's arm has transformed into a giant Gun. The same gun that was in his arm in the dreams from issue 1. Coheed and Cambria are faced with a dozen soldiers. Cambria uses her powers to smash all the soldiers into the walls.

  • The Jersey City Docks*

Patrick is on a pay phone with 911 trying to explain what happened. The lady on the other end of the line doesn't believe him. "THIS IS THE FBI, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED. STEP OUTSIDE WITH YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM" Patrick drops the phone and angrily walks out of the phone booth.

"DROP YOUR WEAPON AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD" Patrick is walking towards the line of police and drops his gun. The man on the megaphone starts to transform. His face turns blue and his teeth become long and jagged and yellow. The priest keeps transforming. Its body becomes one long tail with claws at the end, and the spikes on its back turn into wings.

The priest has turned into a dragon and towers about Patrick. "Seriously! What did I do to deserve this?"

  • The Gloria Vel Vessa's Control Room*

The men in the control room are freaking out. They can't get communication to anyone else for help. Captain Henderson orders the soldiers to cover the door. Coheed blasts the door open with his gun/arm, killing all the men behind it.

The soldiers inside the command room try to fight back but are unsuccessful. Coheed orders the last remaining men to land the ship.

  • The Space port*

A man on a computer informs Mayo that he is receiving a distress signal from the Gloria Vel Vessa. Mayo is angry and tells the man that he must know if Coheed and Cambria have escaped. Someone tells the man at the computer to ignore that order. Mayo asks who denied his order. Veilar Crom steps out of the shadows. "I do."

Mayo tells Admiral Crom to GTFO, but Crom tells Mayo that he has been demoted. Crom says that by a direct order from Wilhelm Ryan, Mayo should be tending to the flies.

Crom orders the Red Army to get ready for combat and deploy immediately. "That ship must not veer off course"

  • The Gloria Vel Vessa Control Room*

Cambria is choking a man with her powers. One of the men that Coheed has taken hostage is asking Cambria to let the man she is choking go. He is just a communications officer and doesn't know anything. Captain Henderson says that the ship is on autopilot and being controlled from the space station. Coheed puts his gun/arm up to the mans head and threatens that more people will die unless he is told how to turn the ship around.

Over the Keywork, the Gloria Vel Vessa is flying over the planets and the Grail Arbor is not far behind.

Inside the Grail Arbor, Inferno is sitting and commanding his soldiers. He commands them to rails all shields and power all the weapons. He wants to intercept the Gloria Vel Vessa. "Full Speed Ahead"

Issue 5 Edit

Amory Wars Release: 16th January 2008

We begin where we left off. Patrick is still fighting the Onstantine Priest. The Priest spits a venom like substance at his hand and freezes his gun, all of this to Patrick amazement. The Priest then grabs Patrick and throws him into the air, impaling him with it’s’ tail.

We now see Claudio, hiding in an alley as police cars rush by. He runs across the street to a gun store, becomes transparent, and sticks his arm into the display case through the window, taking a gun out.

It cuts to The Gloria Vel Vassa. On board, Coheed and Cambria have taken control of the ship. Without warning, The Grail Arbor fires a warning shot at the Gloria, and Coheed orders the ship's Communications Officer to patch him to the other ship. Inferno (Jesse) contacts them on screen. Coheed asks Jesse "Are you here to help me... or kill me?" Jesse apologizes, explaining that he didn't know the Red Army was going to use Coheed, but tells him he has to stop the ship they are on. At this point, Cambria steps into Jesse's view and tells him that her husband may have a soft-spot for him but she is not going to put up with him. (Then there is this quote in the narrative: "For Inferno, seeing them together stirs up memories of a better time and place -- a time before the implantations made Cambria so hostile.") A crew member of the Gloria speaks up, telling Coheed that if they rewire the CPC (Core Power Component) they could get the ship off of auto-pilot, letting Coheed and Cambria live. Jesse agrees and gives them an hour to do what they must, but tells his men to destroy the ship if it hasn't changed course in that hour.

Meanwhile, on Apity Prime, described as "a planet steeped in poverty and despair,” at House Atlantic, Wilhelm Ryan informs Mayo Deftinwolf that the Priest's have accomplished what Mayo could not. Mayo acknowledges his failure and Wilhelm tells him that Admiral Vielar Crom is in charge of recapturing Coheed and Cambria, while Deftinwolf see to the flies. Mayo thanks him, and, as he is leaving, Wilhelm Ryan tells him that should he succeed, he may just return to his former position. Wilhelm Ryan then approaches a computer screen, which is displaying a picture of Claudio, worrisome and laments "Where are you?"

We now cut to Mariah Antillarea on Dil-Ariuth IX, rallying her troops with an inspiring speech about stopping the Red Army and saving the souls of the dead, and asks her troops to march with her and "Wage war with me at the steps of the House Atlantic.” She then proposes a Democracy over the current regime.

Back aboard the Gloria Vel Vessa, Coheed knows how to rewire the ship because of his job back home. Cambria keeps the soldiers at bay with her mental powers while Coheed works on the CPC. After his first attempt fails and Cambria lashes out in anger, without thought of the consequences, with her psychic energy and destroys the CPC.

Now in the lab of Dr. Durvine, the Keywork's leading genetic engineer, who specializes in insects, Durvine is looking at a green dragonfly in a test-tube. Mayo walks in and asks the doctor if the flies are ready. Durvine begins to go into a lengthy description of their work and progress, but is stopped by Mayo, who chokes him, and says, “…just yes or no.” Durvine tells him yes and leaves, going into the Containment Chambers and looks at the massive glass cages, where inside, thousands and thousands of flies swarm.

Cutting to Star IV, The Prise are flying around, bothersome. They acknowledges that the prophecy is true and aware that Claudio is the crowing. They wish to find him, but must be done in secret, without letting the Red Army become aware. Paranoia orders Hundriah "Ready the sisters. There is one among us -- she must burn her wings and become the boy's guardian."

Now we cut to an Interplanetary Garbage Hauler known as The Guile Griever. We see Claudio, with gun in hand, sneak aboard the Griever behind two men. As the ship takes off he falls into the trash compactor and looks out the window and watches his planet recede as the ship leaves.

Back to Dil-Ariuth IX, Mariah is preparing for the House Atlantic siege when without warning the Red Army suddenly attacks. A tear falls from Mariah's eye, as she watches in amazement that her plans could have went so wrong.

Back on the Gloria, we see that Cambria's previous outburst damaged the engine core. Even though it's damaged, the ship is still moving. Inferno comes over the intercom and tells them that their ship has been seized by Ryan's forces, and is being towed in. Inferno tells them that they have no choice but to blow up the ship because they can't risk getting captured. Coheed and Cambria shares some words with Inferno, then Cambria whispers to Coheed, "Oh Coh, I could never have asked for more that you and the life we've had together," as they kiss. *note: in the heading of that panel, it states "Her final words are spoken softly, with tenderness, for Coheed alone."


Jesse wakes up, screaming from a nightmare. A crew member, over an intercom, informs Jesse that they, "entered the system ten minutes ago," and Jesse replies, "I'm on my way." We see that he is aboard the Grail Arbor, and flying through space. Inferno asks to have their location on screen and as he looks out the view-screen and sees an orange planet, he thinks to himself: "I see this and think of them... and my Mariah... and what she would want me to do... We will seek out the remains of our shattered rebellion, and rebuild it -- and when our army is once again ready, we will return to the fray... and next time, we will make it right." The final page of the comic shows the Grail Arbor approaching Earth.

Then, at the bottom:

"Not the end"

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Volume two of The Amory Wars: Second Stage Turbine Blade will be released in June 2008.[1]

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